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Acquired by Business Vertical Capitalist 2007, BVC TECHNOLOGY GROUP is quickly becoming the leading support service for new and growing businesses that require assistance with the technological aspect of their business operations. Using a customer-centric, full service approach, BVC TECHNOLOGY GROUP works with them to address their business challenges from start to finish.


Businesses can expect a thorough consultation to help identify the best possible technological structure that fits their business model, whether they need help with strategic planning or ways to improve day to day operations.


Websites, software, data networks and disaster recovery are among some of the technologies that will be assessed. With expertise in many different technologies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, hubs, routers and switches, firewalls, VPN, LAN, WAN, motherboards, hard drives, tape drives, servers, email servers, and even video/telecommunication devices, it is a sure bet that each business challenge will be approached from every angle possible. As technology grows exponentially, it is also a commitment for BVC TECHNOLOGY GROUP to identify new technological trends that facilitate the expansion of a business so that the latest and most powerful solution can be implemented at the end of each consultation.


No matter what the business challenges might be, and whether they come from small or large businesses, BVC TECHNOLOGY GROUP will collaborate with them to help them become high-performance businesses by effectively implementing their extensive knowledge of the technology marketplace to come up with the most efficient and least costly solution.


At BVC TECHNOLOGY GROUP, it is understood that businesses of all sizes, from one employee to a thousand, require the same complexity of technology as any of the largest corporations in the world.


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